A few money saving tips during the quarantine

With the quarantine and coronavirus, many are thinkng about making wiser financial decisions. Here are some money saving tips!

Make your own meals

When you factor in the costs, making your own meals can save you a lot of money, whilst providing you with a healthier diet. This should now be easier for all of us, given that we are practicing social distancing, however beware of the frozen pizzas!

Buy frozen

We all feel that fresh is best, however what we actually deem as fresh generally isn’t so. Fruits and vegetables are typically not fresh, think of a mango, which was:

  • harvested in Jamaica;
  • shipped to the UK;
  • sent to Tesco;
  • purchased and taken home;
  • left for a few days;
  • eaten!

Of course, not all fruits are like this, but you get the point, fresh doesn’t always mean fresh.

Buying frozen means that you can benefit from natural preservation and actually, for items that are frozen immediately they may actually be very than fresh due to the retaining of nutrient value! Whatever the case, both are great options and contributions towards your ‘5 A Day’, but frozen is certainly better in terms of cost.

Here’s a few links of frozen items that I personally recommend:

If you’re budget is really tight, buy items such as frozen bread on sale and freeze them, you’ll barely taste the difference!

Use a weighted vest to exercise

Most (if not all) gyms are closed down, however make sure that your membership still isn’t charging you. A nice alternative to the gym that will help you to workout at home without breaking the bank on a plethora of home equipment is a weighted vest, such as: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/2398129

Throw it on. Do some push-ups in your living room or some squats and you’re muscles will thank you for it. Actually, the vest itself may cost you around the same as a month at the gym.

Tight budget on a laptop or PC, buy an old Lenovo ThinkPad and install Ubuntu, it’s free!

Windows is slow, generally and whilst you may need it for your work, this is slightly different. If your current PC or laptop is running slowly, install Ubuntu, which is the world’s third most popular operating system. It’s lightning fast, very secure and much more lightweight than its Microsoft counterpart. Whilst it’s typically used by the tech community more than others, I highly recommend it and there are plenty of online tutorials to dual boot your system to run both windows and Ubuntu if you like.

If you need some new kit, buy an old Lenovo ThinkPad for under £300. They are built to last and with the current apocalyptic verbiage, the thick outer shell could survive an atomic bomb; this coupled with Ubuntu is a fantastic deal. For clarity, i’m not endorsing any particular merchants (no affiliate marketing), but here’s an example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06WGVBHGL/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_zBlIEbE6R58A5

So, there we have it. Some money saving tips during quarantine, we can get through this together.